In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington interviews Dan Kerrigan.  Dan had written a spot on article on Fire Engineering Blog Community titled  Renewing the Fire Service, Tradition Starts with YOU. In this interview he shares views and opinions of what he sees during everyday operations of fire departments.  Needless to say the article was a direct hit! 


In this interview Ryan and Dan Discuss:


  • Fire Service than and now 
  • Taking care of our own 
  • Wearing your Seatbelt 
  • Throwing Ladders
  • Jumpseat Ready 
  • Getting off the Couch




Dan’s Bio:


Dan Kerrigan is a 28 year veteran of the fire service, serving in positions from Firefighter through Deputy Fire Chief. His tenure includes time in volunteer, combination and career organizations of varying size and complexity, and it includes significant experience in operations, administration, risk reduction, health and wellness, emergency management, research, training, and professional development.



Currently Assistant Fire Marshal/Deputy Emergency Mgmt. Coordinator (rank equivalent Asst. Chief) for East Whiteland Township, he is also active in a number of organizations including the Southeastern PA Regional Fire Task Force, where he serves as an Operations Deputy Leader for the Chester County Fire Task Force.

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