In this weeks Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes David B Rutherford.  David is a retired Navy Seal and a motivational speaker. David’s Froglogic Concept teaches everyone to embrace Fear.  His energy is electric in all of his endeavors. 


In this show Ryan and David talk about:


  • FrogLogic
  • Earning your spot everyday
  • Embracing Fear
  • Learning from Failure
  • Davids past experiences that lead to FrogLogic 




Froglogic Concepts, LLC. was created by Navy SEAL David Rutherford in 2006. David and his teammates at Team Froglogic hope to bring a fresh approach to the world of motivational speaking, corporate team building, self-help books, and inspirational videos. He is determined to entertain, inspire and help people around the world by supplying powerful motivational training programs and content. As one of the best motivational entertainment company’s in the industry, David and his elite squad offer to motivate you and your team through a variety of media outlets and retail options.

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