Jumpseat Radio 083 

4  Ways we can Stay Focused on the positive inside the Firehouse 
  1. Don’t choose the 30,000 Foot view of the firehouse
    1. Let's Face it all FDS have issues 
    2. Can you solve a Department wide issue during your shift
    3. It's easy to see the faults in anything 
    4. Why do we tend to focus on Negative 
  2. Find a goal for the day 
    1. Win the day 
    2. Progressing or advancement doesn’t happen without small steps 
    3. Cant eat the elephant at once 
    4. Focus in on small Goals, area orientation, SÇBA managements, etc…  “Your One THING"
  3. Concentrate on YOU..
    1. Who can you affect….
    2. We don’t like to hear our weakness 
    3. We don’t like being exposed  
    4. We don’t like being seen as weak
  4. Find the Positive 
    1. Take the 5 shift/ 5 drill night challenge 
    2. Concentrate on what you are saying 
    3. Seek the Positive or as Jocko Say it  (Good0 
    4. Stay aggressively Positive 

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