You are comfortable where you're at. 
    When was the last time you were pushed to your limits
    How do you honestly Judge your Fireground performance 
    Does it take a mistake or a near miss to change it  
    Does it take a health scare or near miss to make you work harder. 
    Tim McGraw “live like you are dying 
You are putting your needs ahead of the others. 
    Station life is hard. 
    Supporting your officer 
    Pushing your firefighters around you 
    Being selfish in needs…  What makes your comfortable whether its television, or “creature comforts’ 
    Not mission focused..  Gear prep, response, prep  
    Don’t know your area enough 
You won’t allow yourself to Fail or be embarrassed  
    You don’t see yourself from the outside in 
     You're see you skills and abilities as good enough 
    You see your fitness as good enough  
    All your fires have gone out so far. 
    Nothing bad has happened. 
How do you want to push yourself and others.  
 Is your company the go-to company.   
How do you evaluate your performance 
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