In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington shares some personal experience with Mental Health Support and how it can make a world of difference in your Fire Service Career.


Topics Covered

Why do we struggle.. .  






        Afraid to ask for help 


Signs you should look for 

        Temper outbreaks 

        No patience with kids and spouse 

        No breaks from long stretches 

        Don’t want to go to work 

        Know your signs 


Why should you ask for help 

    Because WE care about you 

    You don’t have to do this alone 

     Many of us have been through similar situations 

    It's more than just being tough 

    if you not “tough” its ok 


Where do you start 

    Find someone you know love and trust 

    don’t hold it in.  talk to someone 

    Find a counselor.  Maybe EAP, But google is where I started 

    Realize that there is more than just you! 

    Turn off your phone and detach from social media 

    find something other than fire 



We are our Brothers and sisters keeper..   


Get to know your people 

Invest in them by knowing them 

Ask questions 

Spend time off duty 

Pay attention 

Debrief after bad calls 

Debrief after home life events.. 



Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance   http://www.ffbha.org/

Next Rung                                                https://www.nextrung.org/



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