Impeaching a Firefighter



In this week's episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington compares an underperforming firefighter to the current situation of the American President.  

How do you see an impeachment coming

  • Failing on the foreground
  • Not pulling your weight
  • Continually not adjusting for course correction

what if your crew impeached you

  • violations
  • policies
  • how would you take it
  • Can you defend your actions
  • not getting along

Do you have a vote

  • once you have identified a sub-par firefighter
  • are you one to judge… do you walk the talk
  • those who live in glass houses 
  • is it just a popularity contest

How to prevent an impeached firefighter

  • Focus on the members 
  • Focus on the mission
  • Focus on the needs of the community
  • Put your needs and wants second
  • remember how you earned your spot and earn it each day


are you on the impeachment block inside your firehouse

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