In this weeks Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes David B Rutherford.  David is a retired Navy Seal and a motivational speaker. David’s Froglogic Concept teaches everyone to embrace Fear.  His energy is electric in all of his endeavors. 


In this show Ryan and David talk about:


  • FrogLogic
  • Earning your spot everyday
  • Embracing Fear
  • Learning from Failure
  • Davids past experiences that lead to FrogLogic 




Froglogic Concepts, LLC. was created by Navy SEAL David Rutherford in 2006. David and his teammates at Team Froglogic hope to bring a fresh approach to the world of motivational speaking, corporate team building, self-help books, and inspirational videos. He is determined to entertain, inspire and help people around the world by supplying powerful motivational training programs and content. As one of the best motivational entertainment company’s in the industry, David and his elite squad offer to motivate you and your team through a variety of media outlets and retail options.

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The first episode of Firefighter Friday with a vist from Vent Enter Search's own Jimm Walsh

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes in a group of fire officer, firefighters, and chief officers from the New York and New Jersey area.  Listen in as the group talks about:


  • Cyanide and Co Exposure
  • Your Fire Service Draft Card
  • Hands on Training 
  • Bridging the gap between book learning and street learning 



It was an honor to record with this group of fire service leaders:  


John Hayowyk Jr


John Hayowyk Jr. has over 20 years in the fire service.  He is currently a Lieutenant for the City of Passaic FD in NJ (Ladder 1).  John is also a NJ Certified Level 2 Fire Service Instructor and teaches at Passaic & Sussex County Public Safety Academies.  He also heads up of the Training Division for the Roxbury Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept and  is an active Fire Inspector & Arson Investigator and also maintains his EMT certification.


Robert Fling


Robert has over 17 years in the fire service and is currently Assistant  Chief with the Dix Hills Fire Department, Long Island, NY.  Robert is passionate about the fundamentals of firefighting and the important role they play in building our future firefighters and leaders.


John Dixon



John is a career Lieutenant with the Teaneck Fire Dept (NJ) and has over 16 years in the fire service.  John has a passion for the fire service and for training , mentoring and inspiring up and coming officers.  He also serves as an Instructor with the Bergen  County Fire Academy(NJ).

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington interviews Dan Kerrigan.  Dan had written a spot on article on Fire Engineering Blog Community titled  Renewing the Fire Service, Tradition Starts with YOU. In this interview he shares views and opinions of what he sees during everyday operations of fire departments.  Needless to say the article was a direct hit! 


In this interview Ryan and Dan Discuss:


  • Fire Service than and now 
  • Taking care of our own 
  • Wearing your Seatbelt 
  • Throwing Ladders
  • Jumpseat Ready 
  • Getting off the Couch




Dan’s Bio:


Dan Kerrigan is a 28 year veteran of the fire service, serving in positions from Firefighter through Deputy Fire Chief. His tenure includes time in volunteer, combination and career organizations of varying size and complexity, and it includes significant experience in operations, administration, risk reduction, health and wellness, emergency management, research, training, and professional development.



Currently Assistant Fire Marshal/Deputy Emergency Mgmt. Coordinator (rank equivalent Asst. Chief) for East Whiteland Township, he is also active in a number of organizations including the Southeastern PA Regional Fire Task Force, where he serves as an Operations Deputy Leader for the Chester County Fire Task Force.

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Jumpseat Radio 032: Jumpseat Situational Awareness with Rich Gasaway



In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes his mentor of over 20 years, Dr. Rich Gasaway.  Rich is THE go to authority on (SA) Situational Awareness.  His resume includes numerous articles, lectures, and programs presented around the world. In this interview  Rich shares how he became interested in and finished years of research in decision making under stressful conditions. 


Topics Covered,

Rich’s introduction into SA

Individual SA

Team Sa 

Tips for Developing Jumpseat SA

Mentoring in the Fire Service

Concept or Pay it Forward! 



Listen in to this interactive podcast through to the end and discover how to apply for a scholarship sponsored by Dr. Gasaway to VCOS 2015!  










RICHARD B. GASAWAY, Ph.D., served 30 years in public safety, including 22 years as a chief fire officer, before retiring in 2009. He holds bachelor’s, master’s and a doctor of philosophy degrees in finance, economics, business administration and leadership and is the principal consultant at the Gasaway Consulting Group. Dr. Gasaway is the host of the Leader’s Toolbox podcast radio show on Firehouse.com and runs the Situational Awareness Matters! website www.SAMatters.com.



Twitter @RichGasaway

Facebook   facebook.com/SAmatters

Website  SAMatters.com 


Podcast  SAMatters Radio 

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Jumpseat Radio 031: Ironman Fireman Rob



In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Fireman Rob Verhelst. Rob has been motivating and inspiring thousands of people around the world by competing in triathlons in FULL TURNOUT GEAR.  His signature distance is a full ironman, 140.6 miles in less than 17 hours!  His story is inspiring as he gives back to the fire service and many other charities. 

In this episode Ryan and Rob talk about:


Robs history of service

Racing triathlons in Full turnout gear

His Kona experience

Motivating firefighters

How you can be an ironman


Fireman Rob


Madison, WI



 I consider myself a unique & passionate athlete who strives to motivate others to be part of something bigger than themselves. I started competing in triathlons in 2005 and in July of 2011, started the journey of Hope and Inspiration. I've completed 15 Ironman distance and 6 Half Ironman distance triathlons in full firefighter gear (weight 50 lbs).  

Although I certainly receive an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, I participate in each event to help raise awareness and show people that they are #ABLE to do more than they think if they are willing to take the first step.



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Jumpseat Radio 030: Talking Training with Nick Martin. 


In this weeks Jumpseat Radio podcast host Ryan Pennington sits down for a talk with Battalion Chief Nick Martin of the Columbia SC Fire Department. Nick is a instructor for the Traditions Training group and the training chief for Columbia. He is very active training firefighters all over north america.  

Included in this episode:


Nicks fire service background

Essential qualities of a firefighter ready to train

How a Chief officer gains the respect of the rank and file

Keys to an engaging training session

“Nicks secret sauce” to training firefighters 

Questions from JumpseatNation



You can find more from Nick at TraditionsTraining.com and FireEngineering.com


Nicholas Martin

Battalion Chief, Columbia Fire Department


Nick began his fire service career in 1994 as a volunteer in his hometown located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Since then he has served as a career/volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. He holds a bachelors degree in fire science from the University of Maryland and a masters degree in management from the Public Safety Executive Leadership program at the Johns Hopkins University.


Nick is presently a Battalion Chief with the Columbia Fire Department in the capitol city of South Carolina.  He served previously  with the District of Columbia Fire Department through the ranks of private, sergeant and lieutenant where he served on engine company, truck/tower companies, and as a battalion aide.  As a firefighter with the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department  he earned  a Medal of Valor from Firehouse Magazine, as well as a Silver Medal for Valor from the Prince George’ County Fire Department. Nick is also an author for Fire Engineering magazine, Urban Firefighter magazine & is presents regularly at FDIC.




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Jumpseat Radio 029: Interview with Bobby Halton 



In this weeks podcast podcast host Ryan Pennington interviews Fire Engineering editor in Chief Bobby Halton. In this episode Ryan and Bobby sit and talk about numerous topics including:


Cancer in the Fire Service 

Why they both dislike “Culture Change”

Histories affects on the fire service

Chief Halton’s contribution to Pass it on.

Jumpseat Firefighters “Must Attend” at FDIC 2015

Must attend events at FDIC 2015






Chief Bobby Halton (ret.) is currently editor in chief of Fire Engineering Magazine and education director of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC). Chief Halton is a native New Yorker. He began his career in structural firefighting with the Albuquerque (NM) Fire Department and rose through the ranks to include chief of training. Bobby was chief of operations until his retirement from Albuquerque in 2004. He then became the chief of the Coppell (TX) Fire Department, Bobby left Coppell to assume the duties as editor in chief of Fire Engineering Magazine. 

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Jumpseat Radio Episode 30



Tonight was suppose to be Jumpseat Radio podcast.  Instead of taking the time to record a normal podcast I wanted to record a short recording to honor the passing of Firehouse Magazines Harvey Eisner. 


Harvey was an amazing leader and I am honored to have known him, worked for him, and spent hours soaking in his knowledge!  


Rest in Peace Harvey……   

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Jumpseat Radio Podcast 28  Slicers with ISFSI Steve Pegram 



In this episode of Jumpseat Radio podcast 28 host Ryan Pennington welcomes the President of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors President Chief Steve Pegram.  Chief Pegram is currently serving as the fire chief for the Goshen Ohio Fire Department.  The ISFSI just released a video highlighting the new fire dynamic research that has recently been released. With the release of the SLICERS video this research is being shared with firefighters worldwide. 


In this episode Ryan and Steve talk 



Applying new research 

Adjusting for your department

Difference between SLICERS in rural and urban fire departments




The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) began over 53 years ago in 1961 when a handful of instructors got together to talk about how they could improve firefighter safety.  Over the next five decades the ISFSI has contributed to the fire service through education and support of fire instructors everywhere. As a driving force in 2014 the ISFSI leads fire and EMS instructors in their efforts to reduce firefighter fatalities and injuries, increase firefighter safety, and improve the profession through education and training.


Find out more Here 





Chief Pegram’s wife has recently became ill and its in need of a double lung transplant. I would like to challenge Jumpseat Nation to join me in helping give back to this fire service leader. Chief Pegram’s family will have a significant challenge ahead of them as she awaits a match for transplant and will need costly anti-rejection medications once she receives the transplant.  

With this episode I challenge all the listeners to click on the link below and donate at least 5 dollars to this wonderful fire service family.  If we can get all 10,000 members of Jumpseat Nation to give 5.00 imagine the impact we can have to help out! 

Here is the link to Mollie’s story and donation page!  



Come on Jumpseat Nation!!! 

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Jumpseat Radio 026: EMS issues with Karen Owens 


Welcome to Jumpseat Radio episode 26. This weeks podcast features Karen Owens from the Commonwealth of Virginia EMS.  Ryan and Karen talk about ICS for EMS, Accountability for EMS, mass casualty response, and other topics for the first arriving firefighters.


Recorded live on the show floor of Ohio Fire and EMS Expo Karen shares some information from her book ICS for EMS.  Karen is the Emergency Operations Manager for Virginia EMS, a national level instructor, and a current EMS responder in her community.  




Karens twitter: @stickysidedown

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Jumpseat Radio 025: EMS Extrication with Rom Duckworth 


Is this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington talks with Rom Duckworth about his popular class where he integrates EMS skills into Auto Extrication.  Without a doubt the number one priority at an accident scene is to safe lives and in Rom’s sessions he integrates patient care with extrication. 


Rom talks about trauma care, patient stabilization, coordination of efforts, and after the call action to help give the patient the best chance at surviving. 



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Jumpseat Radio 024: Medical Mayday with Robby Owens


In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes back “The Average Jake” Robby Owens from Virginia.  Robby is a career lieutenant serving in a medium sized career department in central Virginia.  



Robby and Ryan talk about Robby’s class Managing the Medical Mayday and how firefighters need to keep fighting the fire in the event of a firefighters medical emergency.  Listen in as the two firefighters share their thoughts and then share some pre-fire planning tips for smaller departments that cost you ZERO DOLLARS.

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 Jumpseat Radio 023: The lost art of the Fire Service

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Jimm Walsh from VententerSeartch.com onto the show.  Listen in as the two talk about:

  • aggressive Search Techniques
  • Pro-Active Laddering of the buildings, even if NOT on Fire.
  • Tips for each Jumpseat Firefighter to improve their Truck Co. functions


You can Check out Jimm's work at Vententersearch.com  


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Jumpseat Radio 022: Informal leadership with Chief Rubin


In this episode host Ryan Pennington welcomes back Chief Dennis Rubin.  Ryan and Cheif Rubin are recording live from the West Virginia State Firemans Association Conference in Vienna WV.  

Listen in as they discuss how an informal leader can keep things task focused and how you can keep your trainin on track.  



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Jumpseat Radio 021: Jumpseat Ready 

In this episode of jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington reviews the last few weeks of summer and shares some of the teaching points from his class "30 ways to stay Jumpseat Ready"


Listen in as Ryan shares points from this succesful class on how to keep your focus, stay prepared, asses your skills, and be infectious in the firehouse! 

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Welcome back to Jumpseat Radio Podcast.  In this weeks podcast host Ryan Pennington sits down with Dennis Rubin. Chief Rubin has served as Fire Chief with multiple large metropolitan cities.  Dennis is a dynamic educator that travels around the world sharing his “Rubes Rules’


In this episode Ryan and Dennis talk about his days on Washington DC Engine 10 and how all jumpseat firefighters can follow the rubes rules for jumpseat success. 

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Jumpseat Radio 019: Interview with Billy Goldfeder 



In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sits down to talk with Chief Billy Goldfeder from the Secret List and FirefighterCloseCalls.com.  


Topics Covered include:


The History of the Secret List

Firefighters and Cancer 

Base Level Firefighter Training



Listen in to Ryan and Billy talk about these topics and others! 

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Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat ready with Tony Kelleher  


In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington brings Fire Chief Tony Kelleher on the show to talk about the “Combat Ready” mentality.  Being prepared, committed, and in the right mindset to handle the biggest emergency of your life each time the alarm bell rings is something we all should be striving for each minute that you are in and around the fire station. 


Tony and Ryan give the listeners some insight into how the Kentland 33 fire station sets the expectations and how the members uphold those high expectations. 


Some topics covered include:


Combat Ready Firefighters

First arriving Assignments 


Long stretches with 1.5/1.75 inch attack lines

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Jumpseat Radio: 017  Am I a Truckie Yet?


This week's Jumpseat Radio Podcast host, Ryan Pennington, reviews some "quick tips" for keeping up with your truck company skills. Having good truck company skills are needed no matter what type of unit you arrive on. 


Ryan reviews tips for:

Vertical Ventilation 

Forcible Entry 

Bonus: In this weeks jumpseat radio questions and answers with some of #jumpseatNation. 


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Jumpseat Radio 016: Spicing up your springtime drills


In this episode #jumpseatNation reviews some tips to spice up your springtime drills. Host Ryan Pennington explains some simple, no cost, ways to add some variables to your springtime training to review basics and build the base. 


Join Ryan as #jumpseatNation stays #JumpseatNation #jumpseatready!

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Jumpseat Radio episode 015: Interview with Peter Matthews 


In this episode of Jumpseat Radio Ryan returns to Firehouse World 2014 for a interview with Firehouse.com Editor in Chief Peter Matthews.  Ryan and Pete talk about how they met, his firefighting background, and how you can share information on Firehouse.com 



Listen in as Ryan and Pete talk about fire from sunny, San Diego California....


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Jumspeat Radio 014: Interview with David J Soler 


In this episode host Ryan Penningtons spend time with Firefighter Toolbox founder and publisher David J Soler.  The two firefighters talk about many topics including firefighting good to great. 


David's work can be found at firefightertoolbox.com 

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Jumpseat Radio 013: The Brotherhood/Sisterhood is ALIVE!

In this episode of jumpseat radio host Ryan Pennington reviews the week at FDIC 2014.  During this week of fire service one thing was evident. Thousands of firefighters walking around with smiles on their faces recharging everyones batteries and meeting new friends. 

In this episode we will discuss:

  • Making new connections
  • Sharing stories from FDIC
  • How to take the energy home to your department


Bunker up, Buckle in, it's where we ALL begin!!

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Jumpseat Radio 012: Aggresive Search

Jumpseat Radio:012 Agressive Search 

In this episode host Ryan Pennington talks about searching for life inside structural fires.  Speed is key weh searching for a person who is trapped in a hostile fire enviornment. 


Covered in this episode 

  • Search team orientation
  • Communicaton
  • Speed of searching. 



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Jumpseat Radio 011: Rookies Rock 

When a rookie firefighter comes into a fire station the infusion of energy is noticable right away.  Whether it is their excitement or the expeirenced firefighters that take the time to teach then the why's and how's of our fire stations we should use the infusion to keep everyone pushing to be #jumpseatready! 


In this podcast Ryan talks about how a rookies mentalilty should be used by all firefighters, officers, and chiefs. 




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Jumpseat Radio 010: Fire Station Motivation


When your motivation is lacking it's not the time to start Slackin.....

In this episode the Views from the Jumpseat Crew will be talking about staying motivated.  Listen in as we talk about keeping the focus on the mission and staying positive around the fire station. 

How do you handle the unmotivated moments?

Shifting focus away from the firehouse.


How can you keep constant and consistent motivation. 

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Jumpseat Radio 009: 3 Levels of Air Management 

In this episode of Jumpseat radio we discuss air management on three levels:


Chief Officer Level

Company Officer Level

Firefighter Level 


Listen in as Ryan talks about tips and remiders to ensure you have the air needed to complete the tasks and come home safe! 

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Jumpseat Radio 008: Firefighter Size up

Jumpseat 008: Firefighter Size up


Welcome back,

This weeks podcast will look at the basic principles of #jumpseatready and how we all can keep a constant and consistent size up going throughout our days. Either responding from home or while at the station we should always be ready for our next response.  

In this edpisode we will cover:

  • Where does the size up begin?
  • Begining the size up after dispatch.
  • On scene size up 

And much more!!

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Recorded Live at escape 2014 in pipestem wv  

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Jumpseat Radio 006:

In this episode Ryan interviews his Hook up the Hose campaign partner Kerry Falzone from Plymovent USA.  Kerry and Ryan have been providing positive education for firefighters to just #Hook up the Hose. 


Listen in as Ryan and Kerry talks about how you can join in and hook up the hose.  

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Jumpseat Radio 005

This weeks podcast was recorded LIVE at Missouri University Fire Extension's Winter Fire School in Columbia Missouri.  Joining Ryan is a group of Fire Instructors as they talk about different topics.  


Joining Ryan are:

  • Jason Hoevelmann from The New Fire Officer and Engine House Training
  • Frank Lipski from Modernfireinstructor.com and Engine House Training
  • Steve Tooley from Florence Valley Fire Protection District 
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Jumpseat Radio 003

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Jumpseat Radio 003

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio we will be offering three tips for the NEW Jumpseat Riding Firefighter. From day 1 we should understand that we are building the base of knowledge that will carry with you for ever.  

Three tips for the new Jumpseat Firefighter 

1: Fire is Hot

Wear your PPE on every fire

Understanding heat saturation

Stay low 

2: Teamwork is Essential 

Learn to work with others

Be a follower

Learn your depts. SOPS

3: Work ethic:

Always being evaluated 

Makes or breaks your reputation 

Always work hard

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 Jumpseat Radio welcomes Robby Owens from Mechanicsville Virginia. Rob is the author of the popular blog AverageJakeFF@wordpress.com.  He is a career Lieutenant in Virginia.  Rob and Ryan have collaborated on many topics over the past year.  Sharing their views and opinions they take this opportunity to talk about "First Due, with a Limited Sized Crew".  

Join Rob and Ryan as they discuss arriving on the scene of an Emergency with a small crew and making sure they all are #jumpseatReady


Robs Website: Here

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Jumpseat Radio 001

Welcome to the first episode of Jumpseat Radio.  Jumpseat Radio is a continuation of the popular Views from the Jumpseat Blog.  Brining you the view of the street level firefighter. Often in the fire servie the view from the jumpseat goes overlooked and it is the goal of Jumpseat Radio to take us all back to the Jumpseat 

In this episode our host Ryan Pennington introduces this new podcast and gives the listener a quick background of his career and where this podcast will be going in the future. 

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