Jumpseat Radio 003

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio we will be offering three tips for the NEW Jumpseat Riding Firefighter. From day 1 we should understand that we are building the base of knowledge that will carry with you for ever.  

Three tips for the new Jumpseat Firefighter 

1: Fire is Hot

Wear your PPE on every fire

Understanding heat saturation

Stay low 

2: Teamwork is Essential 

Learn to work with others

Be a follower

Learn your depts. SOPS

3: Work ethic:

Always being evaluated 

Makes or breaks your reputation 

Always work hard

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 Jumpseat Radio welcomes Robby Owens from Mechanicsville Virginia. Rob is the author of the popular blog AverageJakeFF@wordpress.com.  He is a career Lieutenant in Virginia.  Rob and Ryan have collaborated on many topics over the past year.  Sharing their views and opinions they take this opportunity to talk about "First Due, with a Limited Sized Crew".  

Join Rob and Ryan as they discuss arriving on the scene of an Emergency with a small crew and making sure they all are #jumpseatReady


Robs Website: Here

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Jumpseat Radio 001

Welcome to the first episode of Jumpseat Radio.  Jumpseat Radio is a continuation of the popular Views from the Jumpseat Blog.  Brining you the view of the street level firefighter. Often in the fire servie the view from the jumpseat goes overlooked and it is the goal of Jumpseat Radio to take us all back to the Jumpseat 

In this episode our host Ryan Pennington introduces this new podcast and gives the listener a quick background of his career and where this podcast will be going in the future. 

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