Jumpseat Radio 023: The lost art of the Fire Service

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Jimm Walsh from VententerSeartch.com onto the show.  Listen in as the two talk about:

  • aggressive Search Techniques
  • Pro-Active Laddering of the buildings, even if NOT on Fire.
  • Tips for each Jumpseat Firefighter to improve their Truck Co. functions


You can Check out Jimm's work at Vententersearch.com  


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Jumpseat Radio 022: Informal leadership with Chief Rubin


In this episode host Ryan Pennington welcomes back Chief Dennis Rubin.  Ryan and Cheif Rubin are recording live from the West Virginia State Firemans Association Conference in Vienna WV.  

Listen in as they discuss how an informal leader can keep things task focused and how you can keep your trainin on track.  



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Jumpseat Radio 021: Jumpseat Ready 

In this episode of jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington reviews the last few weeks of summer and shares some of the teaching points from his class "30 ways to stay Jumpseat Ready"


Listen in as Ryan shares points from this succesful class on how to keep your focus, stay prepared, asses your skills, and be infectious in the firehouse! 

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