In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sits down with “The Average Jake “ Rob Owens to talk motivation in the firehouse.  Ryan and Rob have similar beliefs about keeping firefighters of all ages motivated to train, workout, and live the “Team Life” in the fire station.  

If you are ready to be FIRED UP…This is the podcast you are looking for. 


In this episode we will cover:


  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Extrinsic Motivation
  • How to get you crew moving 
  • Ways to defeat Negativity 


Read more from Robby at AverageJakeFF.com 



Twitter @AverageJakeFF

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Is this weeks firefighter friday we get fired up with John Dixon!  



Get prepared for the weekend!!  


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Jumpseat Radio 044 Firefighter Families with Lori Mercer 


In this week episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Lori Mercer from the firefighterwife.com.  Lori is the Chief Fire Wife for firefighter wife where she has established a community of wives that share information about being a wife/husband of a firefighter. 


In this episode Lori Discusses:


  • Transition from on calls to at home 
  • Recognizing the signs of a stressed firefighter spouse
  • Opening communication between firefighter and spouse
  • 3 tips to start the communication process
  • Dealing with being apart during shift work 



Lori Mercer 

Lori with Husband Dan

Meet the "WifeOnFire" Behind This Community


I am Lori Mercer AKA "WifeOnFire" and founder of this community.   My husband Dan is the firefighter who qualifies me for this noble title and who so courageously has chosen to lead with Husband and Dad as his most important titles, even before that already amazing title of Firefighter.



Together we give our all at parenting our 4 kids (as of Feb 2015 ages 15, 12, 10 and 7).   When we were newlyweds and the kids were toddlers and pre-schoolers and I was seemingly always pregnant or nursing non-stop, we were a bit of a train wreck.  And I partially blamed the fire service.  By the grace of God we survived!  And we're here to share our story and make a safe haven of encouragement for others fire families.

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Tac group 

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MABAS Called 

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Dipatch Channel 

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes in FF Anton (Tony) Spagnoletti from Winston Salem NC fire department Rescue 1. Tony shares his remarkable story of suffering a STEMI while on duty at Rescue 1.  


During this powerful podcast he shares:


  • The physical pain of a STEMI ( S-T Segment Elevated Myocardial Infarction, of Heart attack)
  • His faith and it’s affect during and after his heart attack 
  • How the brother firefighters, ambulance crew, and hospital came together that day 
  • How it felt to wake up after stent placement and seeing all the firefighters gathered
  • What it felt like after becoming pulseless
  • His return to work
    How we can help prevent the same thing 


Tonys Bio


Tony is a Firefighter for the Winston Salem Fire Dept. where he has served over 27 years.  He is currently assigned to Rescue 1, the only rescue truck in the city, that responds to all working fires and technical rescues. 



After the show…..


Once we ended the podcast Tony called back to share this confirming experiences following his return to active firefighting duty.  He describe it as a series of events that proved that God is continuing to watch over him. 


 While on an airplane ride to a mission trip, after returning to work, Tony began to read “Is Heaven Real.” He quickly realized that he shared the same birthday as Colton Burpo,the boy the book is written about.Tony found it odd that of all birthdays, they shared the same.  On the same plane ride  a passenger noticed the book he was reading and shared that she too had the same birthday, May 19th, Tony again was shown God’s direction in his life.  As the final topping on the cake on May 19th, his birthday, Tony was eating Chinese food and opened a fortune cookie that read:   “God looks after you especially”





“Ryan I have eaten Chinese Food my entire life I had never seen a fortune like this”, Tony explained.  “Until this very day I carry this fortune with me as a reminder that God is watching over me.”

In this audio Chamber of Hoarders Ryan Pennington interviews Battalion Chief David Brosnahan.  David has taken suggestions learned from Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards for Firefighters presentation and apply them to his departments operation.

In this audio recording Ryan and David talk in detail about the Roseville’s hoarding reporting system.  Since it’s inception Roseville’s reporting system has identified 25 structures that exhibit some level of hoarding.  Using this system on non fire situations allows crews to identify these buildings and begin to identify occupancy, access routes, structural stability, and stretch locations. 


Listen in as Ryan and David share their examples of successful system that is in service and collecting information in Roseville Minnesota’s fire district. 



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