In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso from Kearny NJ.  Frank is a Fire Engineering contributor, author of Step up and Lead, and is a national level speaker on the topic of leadership. 


In this powerful podcast Frank shares:


  • His college experience in rowing
  • Leadership is a constant evolution
  • Water boils at 212 degrees 
  • Leadership is a tour guide
  • How to step up your teamwork
  • Working hard is NOT Fun

Frank Viscuso is a career deputy chief, nationally recognized speaker, and author of six books, including the best-seller Step Up and Lead (PennWell, 2011) and the newly released follow-up book Step Up Your Teamwork. Frank is also co-creator of FireOpsOnline.com, a website that provides valuable free training, drills, and tips for firefighters who are serious about advancing their career.


As a speaker, Frank has the ability to move people to action. Over the past decade he has spoken to audiences in and outside the fire service on many topics that include leadership, team building, officer development, and customer service. His seminars are designed to introduce people to the top traits associated with leadership and to equip them with the skills needed to lead, inspire, and motivate their teams.



Frank works as a Tour Commander in Kearny, NJ. He and his wife reside in Toms River with their three boys. He can be reached by cell: 973-981-1505 or email: frank@commonvalor.com

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In this weeks episode host Ryan Pennington sits down with Lars Ågerstrand from the Varnamo Fire and Rescue Service Sweden.  Lars travels the globe training firefighters on fire dynamics.  His science based approach to fire is a must see in the fire service!  


Topics Covered


  • History of fire training in Sweden
  • Swedish Container Fire Training
  • Surface Cooling
  • Gas Cooling
  • Beards in the Fire Service?


About Lars from SwedishFireNerd.com





Born and raised in northern Sweden I had no ambition to join the fire service. As youth passed by, a career behind a desk started to look more and more like prison. I ended up in Firefighting School and later in a fire service working as a firefighter. Today I serve as a Battalion Chief. Now I sit behind a desk most of my time. The irony of life. However, I keep my feet on the ground, training firefighters is still my main focus. In this new day of the technology age I realize that I can inspire and educate more firefighters through the computer. That idea keeps me motivated behind my desk.


I am standing on the shoulders of giants. Where would I be if I had not started asking questions to Stefan Svensson? Where would I be if I had not read Eurofirefighter by Paul Grimwood? Where would I be if I had not traveled to Croatia to meet Shan Raffel and John McDonough? The list of people that has greatly contributed to where I am today is far too long to mention here. But know that I am grateful.




The harder things I try to accomplish, the greater the risk of failing. I have tried many things where I have succeeded. But I have also failed many times. Being a Firenerd means learning from all experiences, and sharing them with others. That is why I call myself the Swedish Firenerd. With pride.




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