Jumpseat Radio 067 Firefighters are NOT special



Welcome back to the Jumpseat Radio Podcast.  In this week’s episode host Ryan Pennington welcomes back a Robert Piparo.  Pip is on location somewhere on the east coast with a special mission.  He joins Ryan to talk about how firefighters are normal folks who perform in extraordinary conditions. 


Topics covered this week include.


Where is PIP

Why do we think we are “special”

How to stay mission focused.



This podcast is sponsored by Chief Miller.  Chief Miller operates the largest Social Media page dedicated to the men and women of the fire service from around the world. 


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Welcome to Jumpseat Radio…..   
In this weeks podcast its time to direct some of our energy away from debating pushing fire and spend it toward pushing firefighters.  Pushing firefighters to improve themselves.   Whether you are the superstar in you house or the snot nosed new guy we all should lean on each other to improve our performance.  The days of standing around watching the “new” firefighters are gone.  
New sponsor for Jumpseat Radio..    
We would like to welcome chief miller as our new Podcast sponsor. Chief miller operates the Largest Instagram page dedicated to the men and women of the fire service from around the world.  You can find his page at Chief_Miller on all social media platforms and at chiefmillerapparel.com
So todays podcast title Pushing Firefighters is going to be about the 5 skills you should be practicing everyday you pull on your fire boots.   they are essential for your success as a firefighter, officer, or chief,    
  1. PPE Donning and Doffing 
    1. often overlooked and complacent 
    2. Seems to be a skill that provides frustrations 
    3. Can KILL YOU. 
    4. Can slow you down on the foreground…  share rookie   story    
  2. Portable ladders 
    1. Knowing their capabilities of reach 
    2. one,2, 3 person throwing,,, balance points….    
    3. deployment speed 
  3. Stretching 
    1. Identifying all loads 
    2. Know how to deploy each 
    3. How to compensate for snags, bad stretches, and obstacles
    4. Doing this with PPE ON 
  4. Catching a Hydrant 
    1. Should I have to explain this one 
    2. This skill can be overlooked 
    3. Add in problems, Stuck cap,   close fence,  broken wrench  
  5. Knowing your rig 
    1. I can’t explain what its like working on 4 different rigs on 4 different days 
    2. knowing all the details 
    3. Just because you have been riding on it a while don’t complacent  
All of the previous topics can be often overlooked and taken for granted.  If we take together as a crew and push each other to keep practicing, drilling, and heck even having challenges between firefighters we can make our company into the Best company .  
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