In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Fire Chief Brian Soller from the Rock Hill Fire Department.  Chief Soller runs a instagram page that is FULL of motivation, fitness, all based around the Volunteer Fire Departments. Chief shares his challenges and success on a daily basis with social media to encourage and motivate ALL firefighters. 


Topics Covered:


  • Firehouse Motivation
  • Fitness in the Volunteer Fire Service
  • How to Just Start
  • Chief Soller’s Medical Scare


Chief Brian Soller has been an active volunteer firefighter for twenty-nine years. He is current Chief of the Rock Hill Fire District in Sullivan County NY, which is one-hundred percent volunteer organization.

Chief Soller is a State of NY Fire Instructor and serves with the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. He Has been a EMT-B of seventeen years and is a Swift Water Technician and Fire Officer 1


Instagram @Chief soller

Twitter @ChiefSoller


Email ChiefSoller@gmail.com

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington, sits down with Eric Wheaton from the website VentEnterSearch.com.  Eric is an active contributor to the fire service in the subjects of Truck Work, primarily without a hose line.   



In this weeks podcast Ryan and Eric talk about:


Truck Work

Motivation the older generation

Pushing your crews to improve


Eric Wheaton is a second generation fireman for Winter Park Fire Department and is currently assigned as a Lieutenant on Truck 61. Eric has spent a majority of his career on the Truck Company. He is an instructor for the Special Operations and Truck Company Programs at Valencia College's Central Florida Fire Institute.


Eric also serves on Winter Park Fire Department Technical Rescue Team and is member of the Florida Task Force Four Urban Search and Rescue Team



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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Seat Radio host, Ryan Pennington, welcomes Jason Patton from the Fire Department Chronicles.  Jason is a Firefighter-Paramedic in South Florida who creates content  based on things that happen around the firehouse. He captures moments most firefighters experience while responding to emergencies and living in a firehouse.  His videos have been have viewed millions of times and he has went viral on multiple occasions. 


In this episode Jason pulls back the curtain and shares?


  • His reason for starting the Fire Department Chronicles
  • How he thinks of the video ideas
  • Humors affects on firefighters
  • and much more



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Jumpseat Radio 083 

4  Ways we can Stay Focused on the positive inside the Firehouse 
  1. Don’t choose the 30,000 Foot view of the firehouse
    1. Let's Face it all FDS have issues 
    2. Can you solve a Department wide issue during your shift
    3. It's easy to see the faults in anything 
    4. Why do we tend to focus on Negative 
  2. Find a goal for the day 
    1. Win the day 
    2. Progressing or advancement doesn’t happen without small steps 
    3. Cant eat the elephant at once 
    4. Focus in on small Goals, area orientation, SÇBA managements, etc…  “Your One THING"
  3. Concentrate on YOU..
    1. Who can you affect….
    2. We don’t like to hear our weakness 
    3. We don’t like being exposed  
    4. We don’t like being seen as weak
  4. Find the Positive 
    1. Take the 5 shift/ 5 drill night challenge 
    2. Concentrate on what you are saying 
    3. Seek the Positive or as Jocko Say it  (Good0 
    4. Stay aggressively Positive 

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