In this week's episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with Nick Papa, Anthony Avillo, and Frank Viscuso to talk about leadership. The topics covered this week include:


  • Setting expectations
  • Discipline and why they should write a report
  • Turnout times
  • Non-Negotiable’s
  • Franks Keynote




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in this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with RJ from Capitol Fire Training while at Missouri Winter Fire School.  

RJ, Has a passion for Forcible Entry and shares his knowledge on history, application, and why it is important to always check the C Side of ALL buildings.  

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In this week's Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with Nick Dinges from Dinges fire company to talk trucks, tools, and Traditions.  Ryan and Nick share the story of Vanguard Safety Wear.   


Following Nick and Ryan is RJ from Capital Fire.  Robert James (RJ) is a 10 year veteran of the fire service. He started as a volunteer firefighter with the Cromwell Volunteer Fire Department in Cromwell, Connecticut. Robert relocated to Maryland and joined the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, the second busiest fire station in Montgomery County. He has received numerous citations and awards from the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department and the State of Maryland. He is currently employed as a firefighter by the Frederick County Fire Rescue Division, where he is assigned to Rescue Squad 3.



Ryan and RJ talk about:


  • RJ’s  Background
  • Forcible Entry
  • Fire Department Mentors
  • Sharing what you have Learned
  • Force Plates



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Jumpseat Radio 112 Where does success on the Fireground Start
Taking a Break at the end of 2019 
    Made Captain 
    Left my long time crew 
    Left Caitlyn 
    Spending time with family (pappy and others) 
Reflect on 2019 
    Travel (24 classes, 16 states)
    Pit of Promotion 
    Grand-baby: Share Astoria Oregon Story 
    FDIC 2019, firehouse world
Goals for 2020
    Increase the number of students reached with Hoarding and Aggressively Positive classes 
    Podcast consistently 
    Launch a successful youtube channel 
    Settle into a new station and start building a new crew 
    Figure out the fitness model that works for ryan 
Where does success on the fireground start?  It starts with company level preparation 
Step one Firefighter Prep 
  • Know your job.   (bar, hook, roof, or all of them) 
  • Know your tools 
  • Know you PPE 
Step two Driver Operator Prep 
  • Know your rig 
  • Know your district
  • Know your placement 
Step three Officer Prep 
  • Know your people 
  • Know your limitations 
  • Know you speed of operations 
Final is the Glue that binds them all together and that is the company level prep working together. 
  • Begin with constant company level drills
  • Review constantly together 
  • Practice in game speed mode 
  • Allow failures on the drill ground 
  • Push each other 
  • Honest evaluations 
Wrap up 
Up coming classes Missou Winter fire school Feb 8-9, Firehouse world Feb 25-26,March 7 Lima Ohio 
Podcast release on Wednesdays 
Email change Ryan@RyanPennington.us
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