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Mar 20, 2019

In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington shares some tips for beginning your fire service career in “Proby School’


  • Mental prep 
  • Family prep 
  • Physical prep 
  • Support System 
  • Nutritional System 
  • Hydration System 

Showing up 

  • if you 10 minutes early, you're late 
  • show up dressed and ready 
  • SHAVE 
  • BE prepared (paper pens etc0
  • Set in the FRONT 
  • Stand up when an officer walks in 
  • Yes sir, no ma’am 


  • Your experience does not matter 
  • Your skills matter 
  • Go first 
  • Lead 
  • be respectful and ask a question 
  • One rep, one skill, one test. The only thing that matters is the next thing.. focus small…  Win small. 

Get to work 

  • Proby school is not going to be easy 
  • Time management 
  • Wash your clothes and gear often 
  • practice at home   
  • Find your weakness each day and make it a strength 
  • You are going to fail.  Don’t get mad or through a fit.  
  • Make Friends 

You are not in this alone 

  •  Lean on  each other 
  •   Support the ones who struggle cause you might be next 
  •  Get each other's phone number 
  •  Start a text group  or slack channel 
  •  Plan to work on weekends with each other 
  •  Be a part of the team.