Jumpseat Radio episode 015: Interview with Peter Matthews 


In this episode of Jumpseat Radio Ryan returns to Firehouse World 2014 for a interview with Firehouse.com Editor in Chief Peter Matthews.  Ryan and Pete talk about how they met, his firefighting background, and how you can share information on Firehouse.com 



Listen in as Ryan and Pete talk about fire from sunny, San Diego California....


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Jumspeat Radio 014: Interview with David J Soler 


In this episode host Ryan Penningtons spend time with Firefighter Toolbox founder and publisher David J Soler.  The two firefighters talk about many topics including firefighting good to great. 


David's work can be found at firefightertoolbox.com 

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Jumpseat Radio 013: The Brotherhood/Sisterhood is ALIVE!

In this episode of jumpseat radio host Ryan Pennington reviews the week at FDIC 2014.  During this week of fire service one thing was evident. Thousands of firefighters walking around with smiles on their faces recharging everyones batteries and meeting new friends. 

In this episode we will discuss:

  • Making new connections
  • Sharing stories from FDIC
  • How to take the energy home to your department


Bunker up, Buckle in, it's where we ALL begin!!

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Jumpseat Radio 012: Aggresive Search

Jumpseat Radio:012 Agressive Search 

In this episode host Ryan Pennington talks about searching for life inside structural fires.  Speed is key weh searching for a person who is trapped in a hostile fire enviornment. 


Covered in this episode 

  • Search team orientation
  • Communicaton
  • Speed of searching. 



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