Jumpseat Radio 029: Interview with Bobby Halton 



In this weeks podcast podcast host Ryan Pennington interviews Fire Engineering editor in Chief Bobby Halton. In this episode Ryan and Bobby sit and talk about numerous topics including:


Cancer in the Fire Service 

Why they both dislike “Culture Change”

Histories affects on the fire service

Chief Halton’s contribution to Pass it on.

Jumpseat Firefighters “Must Attend” at FDIC 2015

Must attend events at FDIC 2015






Chief Bobby Halton (ret.) is currently editor in chief of Fire Engineering Magazine and education director of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC). Chief Halton is a native New Yorker. He began his career in structural firefighting with the Albuquerque (NM) Fire Department and rose through the ranks to include chief of training. Bobby was chief of operations until his retirement from Albuquerque in 2004. He then became the chief of the Coppell (TX) Fire Department, Bobby left Coppell to assume the duties as editor in chief of Fire Engineering Magazine. 

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Jumpseat Radio Episode 30



Tonight was suppose to be Jumpseat Radio podcast.  Instead of taking the time to record a normal podcast I wanted to record a short recording to honor the passing of Firehouse Magazines Harvey Eisner. 


Harvey was an amazing leader and I am honored to have known him, worked for him, and spent hours soaking in his knowledge!  


Rest in Peace Harvey……   

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Jumpseat Radio Podcast 28  Slicers with ISFSI Steve Pegram 



In this episode of Jumpseat Radio podcast 28 host Ryan Pennington welcomes the President of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors President Chief Steve Pegram.  Chief Pegram is currently serving as the fire chief for the Goshen Ohio Fire Department.  The ISFSI just released a video highlighting the new fire dynamic research that has recently been released. With the release of the SLICERS video this research is being shared with firefighters worldwide. 


In this episode Ryan and Steve talk 



Applying new research 

Adjusting for your department

Difference between SLICERS in rural and urban fire departments




The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) began over 53 years ago in 1961 when a handful of instructors got together to talk about how they could improve firefighter safety.  Over the next five decades the ISFSI has contributed to the fire service through education and support of fire instructors everywhere. As a driving force in 2014 the ISFSI leads fire and EMS instructors in their efforts to reduce firefighter fatalities and injuries, increase firefighter safety, and improve the profession through education and training.


Find out more Here 





Chief Pegram’s wife has recently became ill and its in need of a double lung transplant. I would like to challenge Jumpseat Nation to join me in helping give back to this fire service leader. Chief Pegram’s family will have a significant challenge ahead of them as she awaits a match for transplant and will need costly anti-rejection medications once she receives the transplant.  

With this episode I challenge all the listeners to click on the link below and donate at least 5 dollars to this wonderful fire service family.  If we can get all 10,000 members of Jumpseat Nation to give 5.00 imagine the impact we can have to help out! 

Here is the link to Mollie’s story and donation page!  



Come on Jumpseat Nation!!! 

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