Jumpseat Radio 026: EMS issues with Karen Owens 


Welcome to Jumpseat Radio episode 26. This weeks podcast features Karen Owens from the Commonwealth of Virginia EMS.  Ryan and Karen talk about ICS for EMS, Accountability for EMS, mass casualty response, and other topics for the first arriving firefighters.


Recorded live on the show floor of Ohio Fire and EMS Expo Karen shares some information from her book ICS for EMS.  Karen is the Emergency Operations Manager for Virginia EMS, a national level instructor, and a current EMS responder in her community.  




Karens twitter: @stickysidedown

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Jumpseat Radio 025: EMS Extrication with Rom Duckworth 


Is this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington talks with Rom Duckworth about his popular class where he integrates EMS skills into Auto Extrication.  Without a doubt the number one priority at an accident scene is to safe lives and in Rom’s sessions he integrates patient care with extrication. 


Rom talks about trauma care, patient stabilization, coordination of efforts, and after the call action to help give the patient the best chance at surviving. 



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Jumpseat Radio 024: Medical Mayday with Robby Owens


In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes back “The Average Jake” Robby Owens from Virginia.  Robby is a career lieutenant serving in a medium sized career department in central Virginia.  



Robby and Ryan talk about Robby’s class Managing the Medical Mayday and how firefighters need to keep fighting the fire in the event of a firefighters medical emergency.  Listen in as the two firefighters share their thoughts and then share some pre-fire planning tips for smaller departments that cost you ZERO DOLLARS.

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